The one night I don’t have my cell and house phone next to my pillow, she calls.    The phone started ringing at 6am, but it wasn’t until 6:30am that my husband heard the phone and ran downstairs to get it.    We missed that call but in a matter of a few minutes, it rang again.

Me:  “Hello?”

My Daughter: “Hi Mom…”   (talking interrupted by her sobbing, a radio and muffled voices).

Me:  “ okay?”

My Daughter: “No…can I come over just for a little while and hang out?” (more of her sobbing)

Me: “Sure”

My Daughter: “Okay….thanks Mom”  (more sobbing) “See you in a few minutes”


My husband and I went downstairs and waited….I was half asleep and my  mind was going a million miles per hour, then a car drove up.    My daughter exited the car and walked up to the house.   I opened the door, smile on my face, and hugged her.   My husband hugged her next and she walked in and sat on the couch.  

I didn’t want to push her, but her sobbing phone call had me very curious.   I asked if she was okay, she said she was.    My daughter then explained that she had gotten off of work at 4am.  The roommate (who is also a stripper) drove them home to their apartment where my daughter found “Dipshit” aka her boyfriend, passed out in a chair.   My daughter said that she tried to move him from the chair to the bed when he woke up and thought she was trying to throw him around.   The boyfriend proceeded to beat her with what she explained very casually as a few punches to the stomach and ribs, arms and face.  I asked if she wanted to call the police….she didn’t. 

We sat silent for a few minutes.  My daughter was getting herself together and I was trying to process the information.   I then asked her if he was high to which she nodded and said that he was.    I asked her if she had used and she said that she had.   My daughter then told me that she was taking Suboxine (sp) so she doesn’t have withdrawals.  We were all exhausted by this point and I asked her if she wanted to get some sleep.  We put her to bed and she slept until 3pm.

When she woke, she was hungry and ate some food.  We talked about her court date which was tomorrow.   At first she said she wasn’t going, that she wanted to wait until after her 21st birthday, but I am hoping she will go.  If she doesn’t go, a warrant will be issued, if she does go, she will most likely go back to jail.  I guess either way she is going back, but I personally think it will be worse for her if its due to a warrant. 

Then during our chat, my daughters roommate called and advised that all of her things (clothing and personal items) were all gone from their apartment.  The roommate then told her that her money (the roommate’s) had been stolen.    My daughter seemed to tense up immediately, she stopped eating and asked to use the phone. 

As I write this, my daughter is in the bathroom using my cell phone to see (she claims) where her clothes and things were.  What this means is that she was calling the boyfriend to find out where he is, and I know it is only a matter of time before she tells me that she is going to run errands or is off to pick up her clothes from him and that she will be back later. 

And yes…….there it is…..she has to go back to her apartment to “fix” things.     I knew it.    Actually I knew earlier this moment would happen. 

On a positive side…. I was able to spend more time with my daughter.   This is what I will focus on for now.   

I have no idea when I will see her again and that’s okay.    I’ll just keep my ears posted for updates from the court date.