My daughter did not appear for her 05/17/10 hearing. 

A warrant has been issued.


On Monday 05/17/10, she was required to appear.   My daughter told me that she had gone to the hearing and that everything worked out. 

My middle daughter was visiting for her birthday (same day) and my daughter came over to wish her a happy birthday. 

My 2 middle girls and I sat in sadness watching my daughter/their sister nod off on the couch.  I would shake her and she would wake up and say that she was really tired..that she had not slept at all the night before.   I would leave her alone and she would nod off again.  

At one point my baby took a drawing toy and sat on her lap and even while playing with her sister, her eyes would roll.  I took my baby off of her and put a pillow on the couch next to her.   We continued our celebration while she slept on the couch.  

Then at 10:30, Dipshit drives up and she springs to her feet.    As we are giving her big hugs and I love you’s in front of our big living room window, he screeches off.   My daughter called him on the phone and asked him to come back..which he did a few minutes later.   

As I closed the door… I was so proud that for the first time in a long time I didn’t fall apart.  I wasn’t angry with her and I didn’t want to chase after her. 

I just looked at my family and said…”She is a very sick little girl who needs our prayers badly”.  

And that was it… we continued as if nothing had happened and laughed our way through the rest of the night.  

The only thing I wonder now is will they come looking for her, or will she be considered on the run?