My daughter is in the capable hands of a wonderful Detox facility. My daughter hugged me and cried her eyes out as she said goodbye, asking me to promise her that I will be there when she gets out.

Last night was brutal. My daughter was in my bed but not sleeping, more like sleep wrestling. I couldn’t believe how many times she sat up, screamed in pain, cuddled up to me and asked me to hold her tightly then followed by another scream, sitting up, twisting in bed, rolling over and over and over, kicking covers off, pulling them back on, lights off, lights on, hot then cold, awake and then asleep. Withdrawals are terrifying!!

I feel so relieved today because she is in much more capable hands. My husband and I are looking into Al Anon (are there meetings for co-dependants of NA?). We both feel like our whole family needs to go to meetings so we are speaking the same language when she gets out. We are also looking into a Rehab Clinic for her following the Detox.

I am exhausted…but I wanted to reach out and thank everyone for their support and kind words. I rely upon all of you so much now, so please know how much I love your comments and honest feedback.