Well my daughter is making excellent progress in her Detox program.  I am over the moon with how well she is doing.  I was actually able to speak with her today for about a half an hour to discuss what happens “after” detox. 

My daughter asked to go to a 90 day program.  Honestly, when she said this I felt like the Heavens opened up and I could hear Angels singing.  Of course we had always planned on sending her to one, but to have her ask was HUGE.   My daughter already had a place picked out and the Counselors felt it would be a good match, especially since she was so excited about it.   They even cut us a deal and gave us the same price that another facility had quoted us when I told her that I may not be able to afford the one she chose.   They are allowing her to go in the program and nearly half the cost.  I still can’t believe it, but they felt she should get the opportunity.   

We are scheduled to have a visit with her on Monday just for an hour before she heads to the new program and I am really excited, especially since our phone call today was an emotional one, she was so happy to speak with me that she started crying.  My daughter was able to get out a “Hello Mommy!” but then the water works started and we both were sniffling through the call.   I was informed through much giggling that she is 10 days clean!   I felt like she had just won a spelling bee or graduated from school or something.  It is such an accomplishment and I feel so proud of her!  This is HER doing, HER success, HER sobriety and the days clean is all because she wanted it.  

There is a court hearing on the 9th that is concerning me…she was unable to appear at her last court date and even though I updated her Public Defender, there is still a warrant.  There is a chance they will keep her when she appears on the 9th.  The rehab facility is providing a letter to the judge as evidence of her rehabilitation in hopes that they will allow her to return.    I really hope this works out 

I was thinking today that she has much to deal with once she is out.  In 1 county she has the Prop 36 program and another county she has probation that she didn’t bother with which included restitution.   Arrggh!   I keep trying to stay in today, but its hard.  I worry that this will send her over.   I just keep thinking that with enough of the program in her, she will have the skills to deal with her issues and deal with them 1 at a time.

I’ll update after my visit with her.   Thank you all for your support and for checking in.