I attended my first Nar-Anon meeting and OMG I am so glad that I did.  I actually left thinking WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS BEFORE????? I loved the meeting, I loved that we weren’t alone, and I loved that I am going to work on myself and understand this thing called Addiction.    I do plan on attending Al-Anon as well since there is only 1 Nar-Anon that I can attend per week and I sort of feel like I need more. 

My daughters court date was today.  I had dreaded today for weeks wondering if they were going to take her back to jail, but to my surprise the Judge clapped when my daughters Public Defender advised that she was in a Detox Facility when she was required to appear AND that she was currently in a 90 day rehab program.  The Judge even waved at me when her Public Defender announced and pointed at me as she stated that she was on the right track with the help from Mom. 

THEN AN EVEN BIGGER SHOCK….. he stated that the defendant (my daughter) had requested that she have separate court hearings as the co-defendant (ex-boyfriend, who I refer to as Dipshit) as he was damaging to her recovery.   WOWOWOW!!!   I sat so proud of her for handling her recovery all on her own.   YES I thought about requesting this. YES I wanted to keep him as far from her as I could, but she did this on her own and all I had to do was support her.

Another funny tidbit happened while on our way up to the courthouse.   I panicked and said “Oh no!!  I forgot to ask your people for the letters showing your completion of Detox and your admission to Rehab!!”   My daughter grabbed my hand and said “Mom..I’ve already got those papers.  It’s my responsibility not yours”.    At first I was taken back and felt a bit like I had done something I shouldn’t have and then I realized that I really did.  This was her responsibility and it was for her to take care of.    I smiled at her and realized that she was really on track and that I too needed to get  on track with taking care of myself…she was okay and now it was time for me to do the same.

I just sat back and snacked on some Reeses Pieces… drank a Diet Coke and enjoyed the conversation with my daughter today.

Life is good. 

: )