Hey whatever slogan works right now, I am okay with.   I keep saying them in my head over and over again to see if anything will make me feel better. 

A few set backs:

1) Extended black-out for my daughter.  This was upsetting because she was given an extended blackout due to her developing an inappropriate relationship with one of the guys in the facility.   I asked the counselor what an inappropriate relationship meant and they stated that it was a close friendship that appeared to be developing into a relationship.  This was very troubling considering she has SO many self-esteem issues and that this was my MAIN concern about placing her in a Co-Ed group.  Ugghhh! 

2) I received a letter from my daughter today stating that she agreed with the punishment as she was given in a program that she needed to be honest and the truth was that she was developing a relationship with this guy..not only this, but they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Double ugghh.

So…I want to write her back and say “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND” ??????    But I’m not going to.  I want to tell her that I don’t think that it is a good idea, but I’m struggling with how to word it without losing my mind and writing things I shouldn’t say, not things that I don’t want to say, but shouldn’t say.    

I’ve decided not to respond to it and do my best to keep my letters light and simple.  In the end, it is her life, her recovery, her journey.   I do realize that she could be writing letters to her ex and wanting that relationship back, so I have to count my blessings.  

Arrggh…   Easy Does it…. First things First…. Live and Let Live……Let it Begin in Me……….Progress, not Perfection…

I’m getting there….