Why does 120 days sound like less time than 4 months? Why can’t the judge just say 4 months? Funny thing really.

I know this is only the beginning for my daughter, she will serve 120 days in jail for her probation violations starting today. This was a huge shock for her, but I had a feeling this would happen.

My daughter has been home and doing well..she signed herself up for outpatient therapy and attends meetings just about every night. The other nights she spends with sober friends from the meetings or at home.

I’ve not been happy about some of her friends as they seem to be new in recovery and they seem unhealthy for each other, but I’ve kept my mouth shut and set boundaries.

My daughter was able to get on Prop 36 from the other county she had charges in and we thought that maybe the judge would go easy on her since she was making great strides to get her life back but no luck. I worry now because without her compliance to her prop 36, she will be ordered to serve jail time.

So..since shes already in jail, she can’t comply and will ultimately have another period of time she’ll need to serve.

All consequences of her actions I know,but as her Mom, I can’t help but worry.

I guess until it unfolds there isn’t much I can do other, than take it One Day At A Time….