I was honored to have sat in a room full of addicts in my daughters NA meeting tonight.  I watched as each addict hugged the other, clap and yell as one of them would introduce themselves.  The room was small but filled with every walk of life.   I listened as they read the 12 steps and traditions, serenity prayer and a few others I had never heard. 

A wall shaking roar shook the room as the newcomers announced their “days” sober and the energy continued as the people with 30, 60 & 90 days walked to the front to get their chips.   The chairperson asked if anyone was celebrating their 6 month birthday and my daughter very proudly stood with her sponsor next to her.   They both walked to the front of this crowded room and I was captivated with stories of this side of my daughter I had not been part of.  The work she had accomplished, her struggles, her strength and her determination to keeping her life on track.  I was in awe of my daughter.  The cheers of support were amazing. 

My daughter stood in front of this crowd and said “Hello Family”  then she said her name and stated that she was an addict.   My daughter was emotional and struggled to keep it together as tears streamed down her face.  Suddenly it was as if I was sat in this room alone, just her and I as I listened to her speak.   “I want to tell you how grateful I am” she said “Im grateful that my Mom is here and is seeing me get my chip.  My mom for so long wondered if I was dead or alive, or in jail, and I am so grateful that she is here and finally able to be proud of me.  I love her and all of you”.    It was a blur after that, but we hugged and kissed.   I am pretty sure the meeting continued but I just sat in absolute awe, my tears flowing now.  

I flashed back to my daughters birth, her first day of school, graduation and then thought that, right now.. this is SO MUCH BETTER.