Ten little fingers and ten little toes

A little round head and a cute button nose


An Apgar of 10, lungs sounding so strong

The first touch of your baby, you’ve waited so long


A heart filled with love, words just can’t explain

A life you’ve created, and worth all the pain


Milestones are plenty, first smile and first coo

Crawling already, 1st day of pre-school


Soccer star, princess, actress, a queen

Dances, dating, Sleepovers, the teens


Best friends and boyfriends, ex friends, and the mall

Behind the wheel practice, white knuckles for all


A grad, vast dreams, a limitless world

A stumble, new friends, a lost little girl


Pacing and wondering, worry filled nights

Phone calls, the hang-ups, anxiety, and fright


Searching, and hoping, finding, relief

Waking, they’re gone, hit rewind and repeat


Smiling, pretending, alone with the pain

Vigilant, hopeless, determined, and drained


Jail cell visits, hope and implore

Released, she’s gone, I can’t take much more


A hospital room, she’s so still, a close call

Dirty nails, body bruised, so thin, and so small


Preparing to mourn, praying, despair

A glimmer, a shred, is this real, do I dare?


Detox and rehab, meetings, 12 steps

I’m breathing, I’m sleeping, can’t wait for what’s next?


Clean, still sober, 3 years, future’s bright

A relapse, my happiness may exit, stage right


Deep breaths, lots of prayers, holding on to the hope

Of a child, clean and free, from addictions’ cruel hold